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Honey Aria has started its career since 2008 with eighty honeybee colonies professionally, and during these years, with extensive study on the production of honey with the quality and knowledge of honey and its unique properties for health Human and healing effects of honey for many diseases that people suffer from. With our advice and guidance, and the constant consumption of natural honey, this complex can provide a healthy and healthy life without pain and illness. Allah Almighty, we were able to put our best honey on the table of our compatriots without any intermediary. The place where our colonies are located there is the lush area of ​​the Sabalan Range and the mountain range Bazgosh Mirage. You probably know that the best kind of honey in the world is honey mountainous because the mountainous region has low moisture and covered with medicinal plants, therefore, natural honey and Healing is produced.


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Natural honey

Tragic Jelly Honey Astringent Honey Effectively Relieves Arthritis Painful for Muscle, Bone,…

Thyme honey

Cold and Flu Prevention and Allergy Treatments Gastrointestinal Disorders, Stomach and Intestinal…

Forty plants honey

Prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, including depression, to increase memory…

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